Welcome to Songs for Saplings!

Songs for Saplings makes music for kids. We want them to understand who God is and what He has done, as well as what He wants our children to do and to be. Our music is adapted from scripture and from classic works meant to teach kids the deep and wonderful things taught in the Bible.

“The more the culture around us becomes post- and anti-Christian the more we discover church members in our midst, sitting under sound preaching, yet nonetheless holding half-pagan views of God, truth, and human nature…This is not the first time the church in the West has lived in such a deeply non-Christian cultural environment. In the first several centuries the church had to form and build new believers from the ground up, teaching them comprehensive new ways to think, feel, and live in every aspect of life. They did this not simply through preaching and lectures, but also through catechesis. Catechesis was not only for children, but also for adult converts and even for leaders.”

Tim Keller

We hope that you will benefit from this music and use it to teach your children about our great God and his great love for us.