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Songs for Saplings is a non-profit organization that is providing music that clearly communicates Scripture and its rich truths in clear, memorable and very enjoyable ways.

The music was written by Dana Dirksen. Her initial goal was to help her children understand and memorize Scripture. Over time, the projects grew and Dana has completed eight albums, including the 6 volume “Questions with Answers” series. We hope these songs will be a great resource for you, your family and church.

Over the years, Songs for Saplings has received many requests for these songs in other languages. The need and desire for these songs are great! There have been so few resources like this historically available in many parts of the world and we want to make these songs available so that people will have access to clear and accurate Scriptural resources simply by listening and singing!

We are now working hard to translate and distribute our music to churches, families, and ministries around the world. This involves translating and recording into strategic languages, which is done at the request of and in partnership with local churches and ministries. Our hope and goal is to be able to provide this music at no cost to families, churches, and ministries which they can use for years to come.